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NEW Love Plus + (NEW ラブプラス+ New Rabu Purasu Plus) is an enhanced version of Love Plus + and released 2 years after the original. New Love Plus + has most of the same content as the original, although with some new content. Data can also be transferred from the original game to NEW Love Plus +.

A list of some of the new content added:

  • Includes newly drawn illustrations.
  • In the previous work, it was supported horizontally, but it has been returned to vertical only except for some modes.
  • The following functions implemented in the previous work have been abolished in this work. Introducing Boyfriend Rock / Kanojo ・ Upload date and play data anywhere (you can send and receive created date directly by local play)
  • An addition to the memories of “Atami”
  • New destinations “Nikko / Kinugawa” and “Hakone” are added.
  • New skinship and more romantic.
  • Plus conversations, events and illustrations from the previous work.
  • Since the save data transfer from the previous series is also supported, the boyfriend is safe.


NEW Love Plus + Official Website

NEW Love Plus + Nintendo Website