Dengeki Special IssueEdit

Dengeki loveplus

  • Three special issues from Dengeki G magazine. Each issue comes with a cellphone charm (usagi manake, neko rinko, tanuki nene) and a pillow case featuring the girl in a bikini.

Character Setting BooksEdit

Towano WatcherEdit

Towano watcher

  • Towano Watcher is a guide book published by Konami in a mock-magazine format. It comes with a play card deck featuring Love Plus graphics.


Nendoroid action figures from GoodSmile. Each comes with 4 interchangeable face and 4 pairs of arms. Clear acrylic stand.

Nendoroid-manaka takane Nendoroid-rinko kobayakawa Nendorid-nene anegasaki


DSiLL LovePlus Limited EditionEdit

iPhone ApplicationsEdit

These are NOT the game ported to iPhone. They do NOT link/sync/interact* with the DS game. These applications are just a scheduler featuring one of the girls in higher resolution. The sprite reacts to touch, a bit, but does not say much. There is also an Augmented Reality function that lets you see and take picture of the girl in the real world through your iPhone lens.

LovePlus DSiLL Play StandEdit

DSi CaseEdit

Audio CDEdit

  • Timeless Diary
  • Character Box Vol 1. Manaka
  • Character Box Vol 2. Rinko
  • Character Box Vol 3. Nene
  • Sound Portrait - Manaka
  • Sound Portrait - Rinko
  • Sound Portrait - Nene
  • Hohoemi Photograph
  • Mimimoto