Manaka Takane
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October 5th
Making Desserts, Piano.
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高嶺 愛花

Manaka is in the same year as the protagonist. They also go to the same after school tennis club. Her father is a doctor who possesses advanced levels in both judo and kendo . Manaka had lived a sheltered life with very proper upbringing. She excels in school works and tennis. Her classmates shy away from her perfection and nicknamed her "Takane no hana", meaning "the flower on the mountain peak", which is a pun on her name.

Manaka completely lacks certain experience which are common to her peers, such as ordering and eating a hamburger combo, going out with her friends after the tennis club, and watching TV.

Producer's Comment on Manaka

  • Producer 内田明理, interviewed by ゲーマガ (Gamer Guide), in the June edition,
    • GG:"You had a large group of voice actress. What was your reason for the cast?"
    • 内田:"Right from the beginning, Saori emerged from about 50 people auditioning for the role of Manaka. Her deeply dramatic interpretation and tender emotional expressions while being a real 17-year-old make her a very convincing Manaka. Manake's genuine respectful and polite expressions are rare and unusual for the young nowadays.

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