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This wiki is dedicated to Konami's dating sim for the DS, "Love Plus."

If you are into translating the game "Love Plus+" into English just post a Thread in


  • So this place was created, then just kind of forgotten, huh? This troper might be able to fix that. A nice, full wiki for this game would be nice. I know :c
  • As for actual news... Love Plus version 1.1 is available in Japan, apparently fixing a few bugs related to kiss mode.
  • LovePlus Every has been postponed from August 2018 to TBA.

Love PlusEdit

Love Plus is a Japan-only dating sim for the DS, released September 3, 2009. It is unique in the fact that most game play elements are off-limits until you actually have a girlfriend, where as the normal dating sim systems focus exclusively on beginning a relationship, not maintaining it.

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