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The "Love Plus i" series is made up of three game, "Love Plus iM" (Manaka Takane), "Love Plus iN" (Nene Anegasaki), "Love Plus iR" (Rinko Kobayakawa) and were released (ver.1.0.4) on the ipad on April 5, 2010. The apps were sold individually for 600 yen each. The app was discounted around September of 2015.

Gameplay [1]

【Main Function】

■Communication ~Spend time with your “girlfriend!?”~

This is the main function of『Love Plus i』. When you tap the screen, she will not only inform you of the time verbally, but she will also talk to you!? Enjoy communicating with your “girlfriend” that changes with the season and time.

■AR Camera ~The “Girlfriend” in your iPhone emerges into the real world!?~

With AR (augmented reality) technology, you can take a photo of a dedicated AR marker and your “girlfriend” will appear in the photos. Please make many memories with your “girlfriend” by taking lots of photos in places like travel destinations date spots.

■Calendar ~A capable boyfriend’s essentials!?~

A calendar of 「GIRLFRIEND」. You can convert to a Month/Week/Day format and manage plans at 10 minute intervals. You can also place GIRLFRIEND’s stamp on a schedule! Spend your busy everyday life with your “girlfriend.”


ラブプラス iR Official Website

ラブプラス iR App Store Link

ラブプラス iN Official Website

ラブプラス iN App Store Link

ラブプラス iM Official Website

ラブプラス iM App Store Link

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