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Love Plus Nene Days (ラブプラス Nene Days)


Spin-off of the DS Dating Sim "Love Plus." Features Nene Anegasaki. Published by Kodansha.

The popular love communication game is turned into a gem comic. I am confused by one year older girlfriend, Nene Anegasaki, and am confused. The story of the two people is advancing one by one, and the month goes on. Each time, the changing girlfriend's hairstyle / clothing and the distance to me. In the obi, "Night Sakura Quartet" and "Durarara!" ! With illustrations and recommendation by Yasuda Suzuhito (illustrator). Also includes a swimsuit illustration by the official artist Mino Taro.


Anegasaki Nene

Grade: High school third grader / Height: 162cm / Blood type: O type / Birthday: April 20 / Hobbies: Housework / Movie watching (especially horror movie) / Favorite food: Throat candy / Favorite animal: Tanuki. I work part-time at Family Restaurant "Dexies". He is good at humanities and not good at science. I am not good at exercising and cannot swim. Cooking is good. Frog is not good.

Mayuko Komari

High school junior. I work part-time at Family Restaurant "Dexies". With falling eyebrows, it always looks like a troubled face. He plays Tsukkomi in combination with Otori. Poor grades. The reason I work for Dexies is that her uniform is cute.

Waka Otori

High school junior. I work part-time at Family Restaurant "Dexies". She is quiet and always sleepy. In combination with Komari, it plays a blurring role. I intend to be solid on my own, but pretty good. The grades are good.

Satoko Asari

High school third grader. Nene classmate and friend. The character that was crispy. Belongs to the handball club.

Karuizawa Yuka

Nene's homeroom teacher. My subject is physical education. Although not without leadership, laissez-faire. I like alcohol. Unmarried / no lover.


Volume 1
Issue 1: Lunch Box
Issue 2: Dixie's
Issue 3: Candy Rain
Issue 4: Pool/Side/Story
Issue 5: Nene Summer
Issue 6: Dream House
Issue 7: maid in the festival
Issue 8: MerryxHurry~Christmas runner~
Issue 9: Happy New Year
Issue 10: Choclate love plus
Issue 11: Rapid white
Issue 12: Nene's day
Issue 13: Mayuko days?
Volume 2
Issue 14: ラブプラス


Issue 15: ラッコになって。

(Becoing an otter)

Issue 16: ネネカレ


Issue 17: ウォッチ・ミー!

(Watch Me!)

Issue 18: ネネシアター

(Nene Theatre)

Issue 19: デート・イヴ

(Date Eve)

Issue 20: ねえ