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Love Plus + (ラブプラス+ Rabu Purasu plus) is an enhanced version of Love Plus and released 10 months after the original. Love Plus + has most of the same content as the original, although with some new content. Data can also be transferred from the original game to Love Plus +.

A list of some of the new content added:

  • The types of names she calls have increased.
  • Aside from the DS built-in clock, it is now possible to set the game time as desired (it was also announced at the start of the game, although it was also implemented in the previous work "Love Plus").
  • Introduced "business card" used for communication. Along with this, a handle name that is displayed on the other side during communication has also been introduced.
  • "Love Plus Mode" includes a mini-game " Moero! Competitive Puzzle " and "training together" where you can do stretching , abs, and push - ups with her .
  • You can now optionally skip through skinships and kisses. In addition, "Short Kiss" without skinship was introduced.
  • An event to travel to Atami in 2 days and 1 night has been added.
  • Negative events such as "fight with her" and "the hero and her catching a cold " are added.

"Local Love Plus" has been added. Around the country DS station in the prefecture to obtain a different mascot, a collection that can be. Mascots are wearing costumes imitating the specialty products of each prefecture with three heroines, and can be exchanged using the communication function (attached to a business card as a gift).

Anti-piracy measures have also been upgraded.


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