Kareshi Chikara, or Boyfriend Power, is denoted by hearts (Date Points) on top of each of the four status bar. Having these hearts is essential to your date. There is a minimum requirement of number of heart possessed for you to schedule a date. Going on a date will consume these hearts as well as the actual stats.

You earn hearts, or Date Points, in regular activities where you do well and clear certain check points.

The more Date Points you have, the easier it is to perform skinship. With enough hearts, sometimes you can even skip a whole step and go directly to kissing.

The number of hearts you have also determines if your girlfriend will take your preference for personality, hair style, and dress style changes.

BF Power and Date Point CorrelationEdit

BFP Date Point
240-255 ♥♥♥♥
224-239 ♥♥♥
208-223 ♥♥


Event Requirement 1 requirement 2
malling Intelligence kind
katulad ng daniel padilla Intelligence Charm
21 Intelligence Fitness
maporma Charm Sensitivity
Goodbye Kiss sensetive Fitness
Mid-Walk Skinship Sensitivity Fitness